A common focus shared by officials and local leaders throughout Illinois is cultivating its communities and infrastructure. The Mobility Collaborative is a combination of the two. Chicago Mobility Collaborative (CMC), also referred to as Southland Mobility Collaborative (SMC) and Mobility Data Collaborative (MDC), is a public forum that assembles four times a year to ensure an appropriate, accessible network of transportation for all. Whether you get from point A to point B by walking, riding, biking, or any other means, the Mobility Collaborative’s goal is to make sure Chicago’s Southland transportation system is both safe and accessible for everyone.

SMC is a project of Chicago Southland Economic Development Corporation (CSEDC). And during the quarterly forums, community advocates, transportation liaisons, and other stakeholders in Chicago meet to discuss how to make the transportation network better. CDOT’s Strategic Plan for Transportation guides the Mobility Collaborative.

The mission of CSEDC is to identify, organize and mobilize public and private resources that will result in the creation and expansion of economic growth and sustainable careers in the region. Although there has been tremendous growth, the lack of access to public transportation has contributed to low-income residents not participating in newer job opportunities.

With grant funding of $100,000 from Northern Illinois Community Initiatives (NICI) Impact Grant program, CSEDC’s SMC will create micro-transit options for residents. It will focus on over 50 municipalities in Will and Cook Counties, also known as Chicago’s Southland region.

When asked about the first impressions of CSEDC, NICI Executive Director Tovah McCord shared that this program is truly a hub for the area, especially in the area of collaborative works and opportunities. She touted the commitment and passion of Reggie Greenwood, CSEDC Executive Director, for providing a distinctive synergy to make a difference. McCord describes the organization as a “daring collaborative passionate convener” who is dedicated to getting things done and making a difference.

CSEDC’s mission is to provide resources that help build and grow companies in Southland, thereby building the economy and providing sustainable careers. The powers that be aren’t just focused on developing the economy. They also have you in mind. With CSEDC’s Mobility Collaborative project, healthier fuel emissions, and electric options, you can be part of that thriving economy knowing you’re driving, walking, riding, or cycling in an accessible, healthy, and safe environment for all.

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